The Impatient Reader

I’ve been writing novels for many years now.  My first books are much different than my latest because I work at perfecting the craft.  I really, truly care about creating a professionally written tome.  My first books are quick, fast paced and lack in description.  The narrator told the story more than the characters showed it.  I’ve been told by a lot of writers that it should be the other way around.  The characters should show the story.

Okay.  I got it.

I have a friend (I’ve known her for 25 years or so) who likes to read my books.  It was with great anticipation I waited for her response to my latest book, “Lady Gwendolyn”.  She called the other night and told me it wasn’t her favorite.  It was too slow.

What?  I mean…what??  This is my best work yet.  Once I quit pouting, I began to think about what she said.  And I began to think about her personality.  She is, as I’ve come to term it, an “impatient reader.”  She doesn’t want to be slowed down by description.  Give her the quick and dirty and don’t waste her time.

I’ve always said (and believed) that every book has its audience.  I just had no idea that it could mean the book I’ve been trying to avoid writing.  It also explains why my first book has gotten many five star reviews on Amazon.  I couldn’t figure it out for the longest time.  But, now I know.  I have an “impatient readership”.

4 thoughts on “The Impatient Reader

  1. Rosemary Montgomery

    I read a lot, at least 15 books a month. I have no genre preference and will read whatever grabs my attention – from horror to thrillers to YA (and everything in between), and I must say I LOVED Lakota Man. I don’t consider myself an impatient reader, but characters are hugely important to me – and the characters in your Black Wolf series are wonderful. Having said that, I haven’t read Lady Gwendolyn (yet) so can’t compare the writing styles.

    1. blackwolfbooks Post author

      Rosemary – hi! *wave* I’m so glad you like the Black Wolf characters. I hope I didn’t come across as saying everyone who does is an impatient reader. The Black Wolf series is most definitely character driven. I have one more book to finish before that series is completed and I truly appreciate the encouragement. I love my Black Wolf brothers.

      My friend’s comment about “LG” being slow is what threw me. I’ve got all kinds of action in there, intrigue, mystery, a romance or two. The only thing I can think of that she is referring to is the description. I could be wrong. – It wouldn’t be the first time.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on this blog!

      1. Rosemary Montgomery

        Not at all Belle 🙂 It always amazes me how different we all are as readers – but that is what makes it interesting. I really need to finish the rest of the Black Wolf series. I bought all the books after I read Lakota Man. My blog TBR list is scary at the moment, but will get to it next week 🙂

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