“Loyalty Divided” by Francine Howarth

England is divided by civil war (1642 –1649), the Parliamentarians against the king.  The nobility living at Axebury Hall are also divided, Lord William Gantry against his son Morton.  Against this backdrop, Anna Maitcliffe, orphan of rank, and ward of Lord Gantry, in 1642, is all of 15 years old.  She is, at that age, typically spoiled, naive, self-centered and unable to know the truth when she hears it.  She would prefer to storm off in a pet of wounded pride than stay and work out problems.

Anna sets her eyes on Morton, but is convinced he loves another, Catherine Thornton.  When he joins the Parliamentarians after being banished from his home, Anna hears nothing from him in two years.  Lord William Gantry is determined to marry her to another man and, in her rejection of that person, throws herself at Lord Gantry, in spite of loving his son. Lord Gantry is more than happy to oblige her advances, since he has been widowed for two years, even though she is only 17 and he 41.

Through subterfuge, miscommunication, jealousy and war, these characters’ lives weave around each other, trying to find lasting love, both familial and romantic.

Francine Howarth is an intelligent author who writes with rich vocabulary and an appreciable understanding of that period in history.  I highly recommend this book if you like escaping to another place, another time for great adventure and steamy romance.

 Find the book at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0080H62A2/

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