Typos – Gah!!

I received an email from Amazon Kindle several days ago saying that a reader had reported “T’on Ma” for a typo.  Would I please correct it.

What?  I mean…what??

Being reported for spewing racial hatred, or depraved sexual content, or even for being lethally boring – sure.  But a typo?

What was the typo, one might wonder.  Guilelessly was spelled “guilessly”.   After several read-throughs by my editor and myself, we both missed it.

At a book fair years ago, I had one author tell me he spent an inordinate amount of time hunting those little buggers down.  He even read the sentences backwards so what he meant to say wouldn’t cloud what was actually typed.  Sure enough, when he got his first order of paperbacks in, what was the first thing his wife saw?  A *#*^@ typo.

I discussed this problem with my best friend shortly after the release of my western “Tascosa”.  She  commiserated with me and said, “I know what you mean.  In your book, the first thing I saw was that you had typed ‘road’ when you meant ‘rode’.”  I think I whimpered.

This leads me to a firm belief rooted in years of experience and observation.  Editors and proofreaders are like a powerful disinfectant.  They can kill 99.9% of typos and homonym hiccups, but there will be a stubborn remnant that WILL get through.

Now, to the readers who find these rare gems in our tomes, please understand the amount of work it takes to get a book to press.  The attention to detail is enormous and time-consuming.  When you discover a typo, it shouldn’t reduce our  work by two stars. It doesn’t make the book “horribly written,” (as I had one reviewer complain).

Please understand – typos happen.

3 thoughts on “Typos – Gah!!

  1. Ginger G

    Typos are little demons! And we all have them – and so did Twilight, Hunger Games and every other main stream book I’ve read in the past few years. I agree, a couple of these evil beasts should not turn a story from great to bad. BTW – I’ve done the road and rode thing, too!

  2. Justin

    Don’t feel so bad. I find typos in traditional published books, too. Mistakes happen. Least you put effort into hunting them down. It does suck to find, though. After publishing “A PIrate’s Honor” Kate found a couple of typos in the front matter, but I had to wait for Amazon KDP to reset basically before I could fix it. Agonizing waiting…

  3. Jinxie G

    I remember you catching course/coarse in one of my stories! LOL My publishing company has an error form for readers to fill out. Now if I could just get them to use it!


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